Call of Bandit

By foss1k and Ysera

Creation on Call of Misery platform

allowed us to make a whole new storyline on maximum excisting game levels. It is more suitable for our modification because of its atmosphere and graphics which are similar to our ideas. Also it has enough good scripts and features we can use for our story.

Storyline description

Actions take place a month after the events of the original trilogy. The military expedition failed, helicopters crashed. The attempt to evacuate was also unsuccessful. For unknown reasons, all helicopters were torn apart by an inexplicable energy surge that had not previously been encountered in the Zone. It also influenced the local fauna: the mutants seemed to be enraged, such a course of affairs worsened the already difficult access to the center of the Zone. Despite all these events, the military did not stop. They found out about the overpass leading to Pripyat. Through him, they have repeatedly sent reconnaissance units. From some sources not very pleasant stories are heard about what happened to the military. In the meantime, huge changes have come in the zone. A dark person appeared, leading a group with the banners of the long-forgotten Renegades clan. Together with bandits and the Freedom group, they took control of a huge part of the zone and established their own laws, which marked a very difficult time for the stalkers: either they paid tribute to the local godfathers, or got a bullet between their eyes. So many individuals who opposed such a regime were killed.


Thanks to Ysera now we created a unique atmosphere vision to our modification which makes it look darker and more horrible. Our setup help to feel all the consiquenses of events have come and deep the hero to the genre as horror game


We used best textures we found, and specially for our style we changed all of them. Beginning with item icons and ending to textures of trees and rocks, everything has been restyled according to our needs


completely changed. No one mod has such amount of stalkers (enemies or friends) passing the storyline. They respawn pretty quick to make you move slower and give opportunity to earn money with selling their stuff what is very important if a player wants to finish the game


Every monster improved with health, attack and resists. Their speed and vision are increased. Point of the title of the modification is new "Nigtmare" mutants which are more stronger than regular ones and colored in black


We remade balance of everything according to new items, quests, game levels and more over. Remember Misery description. This game is more harder and one of the most difficult. You have to collect every bullet and think about every step.

Artificial Inteligence

One of the main reasons why our game is going to be so hard to pass is new pack of AI for stalkers which improves their logic, speed, range and much more. No one modification has such improved inteligence because we mixed 2 best inteligence improving addons into the one, successfully rewrote it and now new addon is already implemented inside of our modification

User Interface

Many developers trying to find their own style of user interface and creating whole new elements, adding new factors and more. We decided to make ui difficult as the game. It's simple we just removed almost all the interface elements and now they are available at the inventory window only. Such move sends you our atmosphere, makes you to feel you are really in the Zone because of apsense all annoying icons, shows you the game like a movie horror and makes you to play for an hours